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Newly Formed Fire Safety Coalition Right on Target

Elmsford, NY
January 26, 2014

The January 21st fire at a major hospital in Manhattan sent smoke blowing through throughout the building, forcing hundreds of patients to be transported across the complex and underscoring the importance of the New York Joint Commission’s (JCAHO) standards for hospital fire wall protection. According to the International Fire Stop council, it only takes three minutes and 40 seconds for smoke to fill an entire 20 square-foot room through a pencil hole between room compartments. It is because of this fact that Allen Guippone, President of Screws and More LLC, founded the Fire Safety Coalition. The Coalition is comprised of fire safety experts ranging in disciplines from engineering services, installation technicians, product expertise and code compliance.

“ Life safety in the health care environment is our number one concern today and we are joining efforts with the most knowledgeable experts on the subject to supply local hospitals with everything they need from survey and assessment, product selection, certified installation, documentation and compliance consultation so they in turn can protect patients the right way,” said Guippone. “Our team may be new but our fire stop experience goes back over 25 years, long before the recent newsworthy event.” The coalition’s goal is to advise all 300 hospitals in the greater New York area to make sure all JCHAO standards for safety are being met.

Founded in 1970, Screws and More LLC is a complete construction solutions supplier to the tri-state commercial building industry and a product distribution leader in categories ranging from fasteners, waterproofing, sealants and fire stop materials with a strong emphasis on Division 7 products within the scope of the entire building envelope. The Fire Safety Coalition division offers full service support and expert advice designed to keep new and existing commercial buildings safe and sound.