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Local Construction Supply Company Diverts Crisis at Arthur Ashe Stadium

Elmsford, NY
March 6, 2009

Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows, Queens, home to the annual tennis tournament The U. S. Open, developed a severe aesthetic defect as it prepared for a new season in the international spotlight. The United States Tennis Association (USTA), in conjunction with the stadium, found a solution with a local construction supply distributor, Screws and More. Screws and More enlisted a team of chemists at ShoreBest to tweak existing products in order to fix the severe and large-scale problem in time for the upcoming tennis season.

The concrete in the stadium’s stands, courts, and outer structure had been afflicted with the common problem of efflorescence for several months. Efflorescence is a stubborn masonry condition that manifests as a white, powdery film on concrete. It is caused by a chemical reaction between concrete, moisture, and water-soluble salts. Arthur Ashe Stadium, the largest outdoor tennis-only stadium in the world, is a prime candidate for this problem because of its lack of a retractable roof and exposure to the elements.

The in-house contractor to the stadium tried various solutions for this persistent problem, to no avail. It is well known in the masonry and construction industries that efflorescence is extremely difficult to cure. Eventually, the USTA took matters into their own hands and called on Al Guippone, the owner of Screws and More. Al took one look at the problem and knew that this was a special circumstance that needed a very high-strength, carefully chosen solution. Al then turned to a trusted chemical cleaning company, ShoreBest. Al knew ShoreBest was right for the job because the company uses a staff of highly qualified chemists to develop new products for individual situations. David Sayre, product manager there, came up with a specially tweaked chemical solution to the efflorescence at the tennis stadium.

With the help of Screws and More and the chemists at ShoreBest, the USTA was able to divert a potential complete renovation of an area landmark. The stadium has been cured of its massive abnormalities and even used more specially mixed chemical products from ShoreBest to prevent further efflorescence from occurring. For now, the stadium is able to keep its signature appeal as an outdoor-only stadium perfect for summertime events, thanks to the help of a local construction supply distributor.

Founded in 1970, Screws and More LLC is a complete construction solutions supplier to the tri-state commercial building industry and a product distribution leader in categories ranging from fasteners, waterproofing, sealants and fire stop materials with a strong emphasis on Division 7 products within the scope of the entire building envelope.